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 Courses and Retreats inspired by Tantra

Tantra is an ancient science of self-realization. It is about the recognition the totality of our being , our true nature and the principle of co -creation of our own reality and the universe . In Tantra matter and spirit are not separate. Body and mind are interdependent . The central principle of Tantra is the discovery of who we are essentially.


According to the tantric practitioner this discovery does not occur through formulated or pre-established universal practices. The individual must be able to bring about his own revelation, express his own unique creative power in the world . Therefore, the knowledge that Tantra brings us is not just about techniques , and much just about less sexuality. Still, different schools of Tantra left us as legacy the description and encoding of various meditations (practices ), which has been successively transmitted from ancient times until today .

These practices may lead the individual and the couple to a transcendental experience of unity and integration with the totality of existence. Being able to go beyond the constraints of the ego, we can awaken from the sleep of separation and the suffering , and thus find the true source of peace and contentment .


Taking into account the current context , the experiences we offer are not restricted to Tantra, we also incorporate additional therapeutic, community and nature integrated practices that aim to help the individual to heal and empower their body-mind, their relationships and their sexuality.

Individual courses and Tantric Practices

Tantric Massage Course for couples and individuals Sattva Tantra Brasil BH SP RJ

If you have experienced some of our massages and you love them, we offer an individual massage training in our different modules. This is an opportunity to receive all the tools you need so that you can give beautiful experiences to your intimate friends and beloved ones.

For the training we use a model who has experienced the benefits of the massages and in that way is able to give you adequate and constructive feedback.

Along with that you will learn some theoretical aspects of the Sensoryantra and Yoni / Lingam massage practice. We will be happy to guide you and assist you in the beautiful learning process in an effortless, safe and loving manner. 

For more information and prices for lingam and yoni tantric massage course please visit our page.

Yoga Breath Meditation

The word ´´Yoga´´ signifies Union. Yoga is inseparable from Tantra. They are fully connected and complement each other. In our training of Yoga Breath Meditation, we teach you various techniques that will help you come to the inner silence of your Being.

We work with simple yoga asanas for relaxing the body and the mind, breathing exercises for energizing your system and balancing your emotions and releasing traumas and stress, and silent meditation which is the art of doing nothing. Ultimately it is about resting in that spacious blissful presence that we are, desire-less and content.

We offer you the opportunity to take these precious tools with you and access the wealth that has always been with you.

Please feel free to connect with us!

Courses and  Practices for Couples

We create a space of confidence and affection for couples to experiment deeper levels of connection and live the full potential of communion between two beings. We teach several tantric practices which prepare the couple for Maithuna (sexual union).


These practices gradually awaken our senses and sensitivity, bringing our conscience to the body, emotions and mind. The tantric practices lead us into a meditative and orgasmic state in all its senses and invite us the live and express ourselves freely, uniting male and female principles within and outside ourselves. We welcome you to explore the possibility of experiencing the pleasure of deep intimacy with your partner and your true essence.


To book or to know more about couples practices and tantric rituals please contact us!

Curso de Massagem Tantrica para casais Sattva Tantra Brasil BH SP Rio RJ

This course is an opportunity to receive valuable tools for improving your sexual experience and for opening new gates of perception. The tantric massage techniques can help you to find more satisfaction in your sexual exchange with your partner and also will allow you to direct your sexual energy towards healing, transformation and self-knowledge.


The course is divided in two sessions of approximately 2 hours each. You will learn some theoretical aspects of the Sensoryantra and Yoni / Lingam massage practice.

We will be happy to guide you and help you through this beautiful process of learning in a safe, effortless and pleasurable manner

For more information and prices for lingam and yoni tantric massage course please visit our page.



You are doing a beautiful job. I felt profoundly touched in all the experiences, I felt love flowing all the time. You can create a union within the group that allows us to give ourselves completely. I felt very connected, present, free, relaxed and at peace.

My goal here was reached and I hope to go even deeper with your collaboration. I thank the Universe for putting such wonderful human beings on my journey. May the most noble forces of life conspire for your evolution.

Ricardo A.

Great thanks to the couple Jaya Devi and Miho Mihov for the wisdom and embracement manifested in this beautiful work that provided me with great internal transformation. Love sets us free. Thank you for turning the key and opening the doors to my heart for a new life.

Gratitude! Aho!

Silvia N.

What an authentic, refreshing and creative work you have been doing. The world needs this. I also want to be nourished more and more by this divine and profound source that comes from Supreme Conscience! May you have an excellent journey and come back each time with a firm purpose in this ideal of Light. A strong hug!

So much beauty


Daiane A.

I am here to register my GRATITUDE towards the admirable couple Miho Mihov and Jaya Devi for their professionalism, seriousness, morality and care with which they led the event over the last weekend in Casa Branca. Their honesty and transparency in sharing their knowledge was such that I sometimes noticed different viewpoints being explained with great naturally and openness without the slightest clash or embarrassment.

Eduardo M.

Much gratitude, dear Miho and Jaya!

The experience was a turning point for me! The way you lightly, fluidly and easily led the event, along with the knowledge and baggage you possess, made the experience extremely special. Many thanks for the care and attention with each one of us!

A strong hug,

Jessica E.

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