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Our Story

"I do not remember how was our beginning. I know it did not start at the beginning. It was love before we were."


                                                                                         (Clarice Lispector)

So ...we do not know how our story began. We know just how it continued. When did we meet, since when our hearts and our destinies are entwined ... we do not know. We know that there's love and willingness to share it, devoting it to the whole universe. We know that there is a Supreme Controller (Isvara) who weaves a perfect web for all meetings and departures take place. We know that there is the Divine Mother giving us everything we need in abundance for our well-being. We know that we are happy for what we get and for what we are.


The story of our lives begins in same year, 1985, but, in places well distant. Jayanatha in Brazil and Miho in Bulgaria.

Jaya Devi: I was baptized as Marina, she who comes from the ocean. As though emerging from deep waters, flowing in emotion and infinite depth, and simultaneously manifesting a strong presence of the air element, expansive and questioning in its nature. I was born in Minas Gerais and since a little girl I was struck by deep existential questions. Curious and seeking truth, I got involved in several religions and spiritual lineages, such as Budhism, Shamanism, Christianism and Vaishnavism. I studied ballet and classical Indian dance, Bharatanatyam. I was initiated in Vaishnavism, where I received my name, and also in Kriya Yoga and Nath tantric tradition. In July 2011, after concluding my Bachelor's degree in Geography, I set forth in a trip to Europe and India discovering ancient knowledge that changed my life for good. A trip in which I met my partner, Miho. We have ever since travelled together, revealing love and truth and manifesting them in our being.

Miho: Born in Bulgaria, at age 16 I became aware of an intense calling to the questions of love and existence. Little by little, this calling became stronger and turned into an ever deeper search for truth. Since a young boy I pondered over questions such as "how can I serve the world?" and "what does real service mean?" These two questions took me on a spiritual and geographical journey. At age 20 I started to travel. I spent about a year in the Art of Living's German Ashram, where I graduated as an ayurvedic massage therapist and studied Hatha Yoga. The question of how spirituality and service unite led to a search through the universe of communities, sustainability projects and social transformations. The trips I've been on during the last 7 years have taken me through several countries in Europe, America and India and have allowed me to get to know hundreds of interesting people and inspiring lifestyles. The last great community I lived in was Findhorn, an ecovillage that was established in 1962. That is where Jayanatha and I found one another (once more).


We received our training in tantric massages (Yoni, Lingam and sensitizing), neo-tantric meditations and vibrational therapies (bioenergetic and reichian) in Metamorfose center where we lived from August 2012 to March 2013 and in the Humaniversidade (SP) where we graduated in Tantric Therapy in 2013. Travelling throughout Brazil, Europe and India, we have been blessed with the opportunity to meet authentic masters, students and practitioners of Traditional Tantra, taking part in seminars, lectures, workshops and spiritual ceremonies or simply enjoying the presence of some of these teachers. We name a few: Christopher Hareesh Wallis (http://mattamayura.org/), Peter Cook; Daniel Odier (www.danielodier.com), Diógenes Mira and Mohini Taila (http://www.sahajatantrayoga.com.br/) and Dharma Bodhi (http://www.dharmainc.org/). In 2016, we had the opportunity of getting to know Joseph Kramer's Sexological Bodywork methodology, through Paula Fernanda (http://www.paulafernanda.com.br/).


This is a journey of pure inspiration and transformation, coming together with the truth of being, of pure presence, revealed by non-dualist (Advaita) teachings and in the presence of spiritual teachers: Veetishish Om, Mooji, Adyashanti, Eckhart Tolle, among others. In our going about we have also been able to take part in several festivals and gatherings which promote peace culture and integral health and visited several other communities such as Awakened Life Project (http://awakenedlifeproject.org/) and Tamera (http://www.tamera.org/). In the latter we participated in Love School and Summer University programs in 2014.


We are thankful to all the beings we have encountered, to all of those in this inner journey and to all those we are still bound to meet! Each and every one of you, precious mirrors, live in our hearts.

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