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Being Sucessful or Being Yourself

January 16, 2016


Today while sitting and resting in the Central Market place in Belo Horizonte, reflected on a simple but profound question. What would I choose - inner peace and simple life or chasing successful life and strong expression in the world?
Of course you may say that there is no contradiction between the two. You may enjoy both a peaceful existence and active and creative way of being that is successful in the eyes of others and yourself. 
I would agree to that. And yet it seems to me that the temptation to buy into and therefore suffer the concept of success that our culture gives is greater than you may imagine. 
The message of ´´I am not enough´´ seeps in almost every piece of media, advertisement, through friends and family, school and religion. ´´I am not enough, I need to do better, I need to excel, I need to learn, I need to experience this and that, I need to... basically not be simply who I am, in order to get to that future improved version of ´´me´´.
And what is that ´´me´´? Does anyone question it? I would say very rarely.
Have you noticed how many time we take our image of ourselves for real. Basically we say ´´ I am who I think I am and I am not fully satisfied with it´´

Even the so called ´´self help´´ or ´´you can manifest anything you want´´ kind of messages distance you and me from the simple realization that peace is already here, satisfaction does not lie over there on the other side of the imaginary mountain. What we need is simply here and all that we think we want and cling to, just creates more struggle.

I dont know about you, but to me, relaxing and doing the simple things of life makes the perfect sense. I am not saying that I am always relaxed and that I never struggle. I do... and yet I know that when it gets tough, there is always the refreshing, simple resting in this very moment that washes away all the mental burden I put on myself and others.

Do you see that? I wonder what is your experience!

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