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Building my life over the foundation of a healthy body

January 18, 2018


Today is day 15, the day I am ending my 14 day juice feast (fast). I am completing this process with a sense of gratitude and affirmed clarity of how important is to take care of the body - the right way. I just passed through one of the most efficient and powerful detox processes I have ever known. It was 14 days of drinking only juice, free of fiber and lots of it. We drunk 5 to 6 litres of vegetable and fruit juices every day. 8 to 10 kilos of produce went into making it. It took 2-3 hours of my time every day to prepare and drink them.

We drunk carrots, cocos, melons, apples, kale, spinach, cabbage, ginger, melon, watermelon, pineapple, peach, lemons, oranges, beetroots, cucumbers, zuchini, mangos, papayas, igname, garlic and more. Never before in my life I received so much nutrients in 2 weeks as during this fast. I feel my body full of vitality and health, my mind crystal clear and my spirit uplifted. I feel rejuvenated, clean and rested.

In my work as therapist and course facilitator I get to know many people with diverse backgrounds. It strikes me how few of us are aware of the importance of a healthy nutrition and even less are aware of what healthy eating actually is. Not to mention that even when we are aware of the principles of a adequate plant based human diet, we have so hard time to implement it into our lifestyles. I constantly hear - I know that cheese is not good for my body, I even feel heavy from it but I keep craving for it, I cant quit. This is so true for almost everyone who lives in Minas Gerais - the Brazilian State reference for cheese making and consumption.

I understand this difficulty because I coudnt quit neigher - for many years. Cheese and sugar were a real addiction to me. When I think of it, a year ago I could barely remember a day that I didnt eat cheese or something with sugar in it.

What made me rethink my whole diet was my intestinal problems. My stomach was constantly bloated. Whatever I ate I felt heavy in my belly. There was a constant sense of discomfort. At some point I realized something was wrong and so I decided to put priority on my health. This was the beginning of months of research on nutrition, natural treatments and disease prevention. I even became interested in natural healing and prevention of cancer. I realized how ignorant our medical establishment is and how much harm is done to humans and nature by the pharmaceutical and medical industry in the name of profit. This whole research made it so clear to me that the way to health is by educating myself and applying this knowledge into my life.

This is how I came across a guy called John Rose who came up with the Juice Feasting protocol and who gave this gift to humanity - the knowledge and the tools to do your own detox, cheaply enough, safely and efficiently in a way that you can continue working and doing your daily activities. He showed me a great way to transition into a more healthy diet.

This 14 day detox is my second experience. Last year I did a 10 day and after that, my intestinal problems and discomforts were gone. Although I knew there was something wrong in my body I was surprised to discover how much garbage my system accumulated over time and I could see much it flushing out during my detox. It made me much more sensitive to the impact of the different kinds of foods on my organism and how my body received them or rejected them. After my first detox it was much easier to give up all the foods that created a sense of craving in me before. Foods like fish, cheese, eggs, white bread and other processed foods stopped being part of my plate. Of course I had to substitute those with plants and that was a whole research in itself and it was totally worthed.

Coming back to the juice experience. I relized that not only the juice fast boosted my health but also it improved the quality of my thinking. Even my meditations went deeper. During this experience at many times I felt deeply connected with nature and with the more subtle dimensions of life. Lots of times I found myself remembering feelings and images from my childhood - memories that I had forgotten.

There were also some challenging moments. This is not only a physical detox but also an emotional and mental purification. So at times I felt emotionally challenged. Some painful stuff from my memories and some fears arose. Also almost every day there was a moment when my mind was craving for some kind of food - mainly cooked, salty food. Even the thought of plain rice and lentils made my mouth water. Fortunately the regular meditation practice and the nature around me really helped go through this relatively quickly and without strong identification.

Overall my 14 day juice detox was a deeply fulfilling and enriching experience that I would like to repeat at least twice a year. I am so very grateful to my partner Jaya that accompanied and joined me in this experience. It was much easier and inspiring to go though this with her. I also want to thank my friends Bruno and Yasmin for starting the juice detox and going into this experiment with us for the first three days. Their presence have been a great inspiration for me. I also thank all my mentors, friends and individuals who dedicate their life to live consciously and help and inspire others to achieve integral and vibrant health.

In this moment I feel light and vibrant and what I crave for is good healthy plant based, cruelty free, whole foods. I do not feel even a silght interest in eating, meet, eggs, cheese, processed wheat or sugar and fatty foods. All I want is healthy, tasty, nutrient rich, simple meal that makes my belly and my spirits happy! I know that choosing and following such a diet is not always an easy process but thanks to all the knowledge and inspiring sources available to us now, it is not that hard neigher. If you want to be healthy bad enough and live to your fullest potential as a human being, then your food choices should become one of your top priorities.

You do not need to let food consume your life and yet you should not ignore the fact that your body is your vehicle for You to experience this magical existence. So if you want to rise to your potential and have a fulfilling experience in this lifetime, take a good care of it, it is the only body you´ve got.

And moreover to my activist friends - remember that what we eat has a great impact on our ecology and on life on this planet.Our world is already too full of cruelty - we do not need to take part in it with our food choices. Let us practice a non-violent and kind existence. Let us be good to each other and to nature. This is a good path to happiness and true fulfillment in life.

So if you are interested to embark on this journey or you want to deepen your knowledge and put it into practice or you already know all that and just need a boost of inspiration or if you have any specific questions on how to do your own juice feast detox - enter in contact - I will be more than happy to support you!

Eat well, be well, fill your Life with vitality.
With love and gratitude
Miho Mihov

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