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To the One, who really cares.

March 6, 2018


I know that you want to make a real contribution in this world.
I have some insights that may support you in your journey.

Here they are:


The new story our world needs today requires the death of the old stories in each of us


If you are interested to Be someone who have a positive impact, you need to be willing to be nobody and do things that many times may pass unnoticed by others.


If you want to see this world becoming a more beautiful place, open your inner eye and see the beauty that is within you


Be willing to turn the space outside of your comfort zone, into your new residence


You can have deep and long lasting peace the moment you stop avoiding being disturbed


You can access the power of love, the moment you let go of the love for power


Do not invest in your small perefences but hold onto that which you value the most


Do not waste time and energy in small talks and do what you know is most important


Whether your needs are met in times of crisis depends on how much you give to others


Don’t try to save nature, realize you are one with nature


Do not run away from desperation and grief as they may become the portal to the aliveness in you.


Do not avoid feeling frustration and anger as they are inviting your creative power to come forth


Solutions are not found in trying to figure it out, they are expressions of the creative force in you


All inspirations and innovations are born out of silence


Many times your non-doing may be your best action


Allow your contemplation to fuel your expression


Dance your life without worrying what the others may think but make sure you dance with full enthusiasm.


If you wish to bring about real transformation in life, rest in that which doesnt change in you.


May the gratitude for what you have, makes you forget all the things you think are missing.


The only solid certainty in life is death and yet it is the biggest mystery


Die before you die and live while you are alive


Know that the highest service is this world is your awakening


The greatest fulfillment lies in the knowing of who you are and living it


Not knowing is the best way to know


Remember you are never alone in the oneness of existence


Your life is not yours – it is a gift from Nature


May your existence, inspired by gratitude become one true movement of generosity


May You be a blessing upon this world


With infinite love
Miho Mihov

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