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Yoni and Linga Tantric Massage Course
Curso de Yoni e Lingam Massagem Tântrica

5 Elements Tantric Massage Course 

Tantra is about discovering our true potential. Real and satisfying pleasure comes only from our deep connection with our spiritual essence. The art of Tantric massage is a powerful tool to help us connect with the  endless fountain of our pleasure, joy and love.  

Our objective is to support you:

  • Enrich your sexual life

  • Develop your sensitivity

  • Give love in a more conscious way.

  • Enhance your and other´s life energy flow

  • Use your creative energy constructively

  • Heal your traumas and help others heal theirs.

  • Receive and share profound spiritual realizations

  • Discover your true nature

The Tantric Massage Course includes:


  1. Theory: about tantra, anatomy of pleasure, chakras, life energy - Kundalini;

  2. Practical application: 5 Elements Tantric Massage - 5 types of touch - 5 qualities - relaxation, affection, sensuality, expansion and transcendenc – the art of healing and pleasure, use of massage oils.

  3. Spiritual and energetic preparation – right attitude, preparing the ambience, mantras, preliminary breathing and tantric exercises, meditation and energy protection.

  4. 1 DVD with three tantric massage videos

  5. 1 CD with 3 hours of excellent music

We provide a model for the practical part of the course (if necessary)


We also give a 10 hour tantric massage self organized events for groups of friends.

We give Tantric Massage courses in Belo Horizonte, São Paulo, Jundiaí,  Rio de Janeiro and  Ecovillage Terra Una. For seeing our travel schedule and booking a massage course please visit our contact page.