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Our Dream

     Our dream is to see more and more people realize their true potential, and recognize the inherent value of all life. It is the sacred presence that lives in everyones heart, that guides us and inspire us to live a life of service. We feel that everyone has their unique part in the play of existence. Everyone is uniquely gifted and when we come together and appreciate the diversity that is inherent in life, we start peering into the unlimited intelligence that govern us as individuals, collectively and as a whole. This realization comes from truly connecting with each other, with the natural world and ultimately it always comes down to the deep connection with our true essence, with the unity of existence, with the unconditional love that constitute our reality beyond beliefs, dogmas, ideologies or any conceptual constructions.

      Our work is about service. We serve for the awakening of us all. In fact everyone is doing it whether they are conscious or not. Our dream is about embodying the sacred presence that lives in our heart in a conscious manner. In this age that we live in, there is a lot of destruction and violence happening all around us and within us. There are wounds to be healed, patterns and codes to be seen and transformed. We are not doing it. The great intelligence is doing it and the human body and mind are instruments to allow this transformation to happen. With the knowledge and experiences that we have received along the way, we see the necessity of healing our culture and reconnecting with our local communities, with the natural world and with our spiritual essence. Fortunately the advancement of technology allows us to share this knowledge and experiences with people all around the world joining, supporting and being supported by a network of communities and projects that hold similar visions and values.

    Our particular project is about creating a community where people live from a deeper place of love and inner peace, communicating and sharing as one family, respecting nature, living in a sustainable way by natural building, water harvesting, growing our food and utilizing the land for the sustenance of all - humans as well as wild animals and plants. We believe that all spiritual traditions and science are there to teach us something and help us in our journey of self discovery. We respect all of them but do not identify with any particular ideology or tradition, modern or ancient.
On the level of worldview there always is diversity and we think that respecting and valuing this diversity is essential for our evolution as human species and as consciousness. Simultaneously with the diversity we recognize the underlying unity that is the real common ground for all. It is the Divine essence that can only be sensed and not captured by concepts and theories - it is God, the buddha nature, the Christ passion, the Krishna consciousness, the vibrant unchanging eternal emptiness, the silent cosmic intelligence, the ecstatic ocean of existence, the all-permeating ever-present spirit, it is the marvelous ecstatic existance that unites us all beyond understanding.

     Although there is perfection in our essence, in our dynamic expression we are full of limitations. Therefore the outcome of our actions as individuals and collectively may lead us to self destruction. Without a sense of fear or worry, but with a sense of loving concern and compassion for our brothers and sisters around the world, for the natural world and for Gaia, our mother, we call for action and we call for waking up from the dream of our separateness, awakening into our true nature of unity.

    Let us use all the knowledge we have received from individuals, communities, societies and traditions that did and have been trying to do what we want to do here and now. There are holistic instruments and technologies of building community, healing, co-creating with nature, living in a sustainable way, etc. We can use our collective intelligence and use these instruments in a powerful, inspiring and life supporting way. We are inspired to create  a model of community, a place where people come and open themselves to life transforming experiences and deep realizations that alleviate them from suffering and empowers them to serve and live from a place of sacredness wherever they find themselves in their life.
We welcome people from all corners of life and all backgrounds. We welcome co-creators who share our values and vision and who would like to serve with their unique gifts given by existence.

    If you are intrugued by our vision, please get in touch and share what is in your heart , mind and soul. We accept propositions for co-creating this dream together

With much love and inspiration
Yours Miho and Jayanatha

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