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The Art of Tantric Massage

We offer massages inspired by Tantra, Ayurveda and Yoga's principles. Through an affectionate and mindful touch we seek to provide the individual with a sense of their being's totality, an experience of expansion and freedom in which you can savor what it feels like to have every part of your body touched without any other intention but healing and love transmission.


Tantric massage helps us dissolve tensions, fears and insensitivity we accumulate. In the place of retention, we can experiment expansion, the absence of sensations in certain parts of the body slowly gives way to flowering sensitivity, the body's solidity dissolves and makes us aware that it is nothing more than flowing energy. There are no limits between body and space; the experience of totality is manifested!


You are welcome to get to know and explore your body and spirit's totality.

5 Elements  Tantric  Massage

The 5 Elements Massage is inspired by Tantra’s basic principles. Each kind of touch relates to specific qualities of the 5 elements (earth, water, fire, air and space), connecting us with our entire body's natural sensitivity, allowing our vital energy to flow as we become aware of it.


The earth element provides a stronger touch, removing tensions and relieving muscle pain. The water element inspires a more fluid touch, transmitting affection and acceptance. The fire element focuses on the body's erogenous zones aiming to de-condition it from the repetitive stimuli, which limits pleasure and sexuality's full expression. Through the air element we offer a subtle touch that awakens the body's bioelectricity, connecting all the muscles with the sensation of pleasure. The space element integrates us with silence and deep meditation as we softly touch the body's energetic centers.

Some of the 5 elements massage's benefits are:


* softening of the armor or defense mechanisms and muscle strain;

* deep relaxation, tension and muscle pain relief;

* centering and emotional balance;

* sensory awareness or enrichment of sensory perceptions;

* increased self-esteem and ability to appreciate your own body and to give in to sensorial pleasure;

* liberation of traumas and energetic blockages;

* development of orgasmic capacity.

Our session lasts approximately 2 hours long. Apart from the massage, we apply Tantric practices such as breathing, active and contemplative meditations; and/or body expressions techniques and integrative therapies which awaken the body's sensitivity and the awareness of vital energy.


We offer massages, courses and experiences to individuals, couples and groups in Belo Horizonte (Casa Branca and metropolitan region), São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

For more information please visit our contact page.​

Our goal is to support you to:


- Enrich your sexual life;

- Develop your sensitivity;

- Consciously express love and intimacy;

- Increase vital energy flow;

- Use your creative energy constructively;

- Heal your traumas and sexual blockages and help others heal theirs;

- Receive and share deep spiritual insights;

- We offer 5 Elements Tantric Massage courses for singles, couples and groups. To know more, please visit our page.


Sattva Tantra Brasil, Curso de Yoni e Lingam Massagem Tântrica

Four Hands Tantric Massage

A four hands massage - a dance of synchronicity, joy and excitement. In this massage we connect with you and create a unique experience that flows with your life force and your needs in the moment. We work with intuition and various tools that aim at expanding your energy and promoting a feeling of abundance, nurturing and pleasure. We enjoy our relationship and our work and we like to share with others the joy of giving massage together.

There is also a possibility to experience a massage with two male or two female therapists.

If you are interested to know more or book four hands tantric massage please contact us.

Yoga Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurvedic ou ayurveda massage is one of the therapeutic elements involved in ayurveda, a medical science developed in India about 7 thousand years ago. The word "ayurveda" comes from sanscrit, an ancient and sacred Indian language, and is composed of the words Ayur, which means life, and Veda, science. Thus, ayurveda can be translated as "the science of life” or "the science of longevity".


Yoga Ayurvedic Massage inherits the ancient traditions of Indian medicine and is one of the most sought after and well-known therapies, if you are looking for better life quality. More than just a relaxing massage, the technique has a therapeutic function and is able to provide well being, emotional balance and self-knowledge.

Womb blessing

Womb blessing is an "attunement" - which might also be called harmonization or alignment. It is a powerful and transformative energetic technique that aims to connect us with the Sacred Feminine energy, or the principles of femininity, lovingness, receptivity, intuition, abundance, connection with nature and patience.

The blessing awakens and strengthens our connection to these principles, helping us bring this energy to our world. It awakens, energizes and heals the three feminine power centers, helping cure deep, ancient patterns from our past.

Miranda Gray, author of Red Moon and other books channeled the womb blessing. Miranda anchors a deep work in rescuing feminine knowledge that is commonplace to several traditions. This knowledge was muffled if not forgotten along centuries of male domination and patriarchy. It speaks to the fact that we are cyclical, which connects us more deeply with nature, the moon phases and the seasons. Rescuing this knowledge empowers modern women to live our lives in harmony with our natural cycles, optimizing our well being, self-knowledge and daily activities.


The blessing takes place in individual therapeutic sessions. We connect with the Sacred Feminine through the womb tree meditation, and afterwards the Moon Mother (giver of the blessing) channels the energy through breath work and hand placement on different energetic centers on the body. The session lasts approximately one hour.

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